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Bring individuality to your home with Waybathroom chandeliers

  • Samanth Helis

    The colour is more grey than white (as I thought it was from the pictures) but it actually matched my bedroom better so I have no issues there. Take heed to the contrast between the white larger pillows and the cover in one of the pictures and you will see the cover is gray (maybe it's just me that didn't notice, but....). I can recommend it. That is for sure.

  • Sanddy

    Absolutely unparalleled products and service . I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing In Its Industry , and that Its products will be timeless

  • I love it,the quality is good.it was worth the price.

  • Luis

    I already own two sets of the same quality. They are made of top class cotton. Extremely soft they are very comfortable. The duvet cover with a zip is very easy to use. Strongly recommended it especially for the cold Winter nights.

  • MONA Jareri

    The embroidery is so beautiful and the stitches are very well done. I was very impressed with the quality of the seams and it looks wonderful. Thanks for such a quality product, I will definitely order even more!

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